The accidental Monero and Fortnite relationship

In what seemed as another strong win for cryptocurrencies Monero was added as a payment option and then it wasn’t. It was there one moment, and gone the next, it wasn’t due to Monero being one of the best stealth and privacy coins in the market, it was simply due to it being taken away as a payment option.

The founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, tweeted, saying that the addition of Monero, “was accidental”, meaning that it should have never happened in the first place. The Monero enablement was conducted without the blessing of the company by a third party partner which was collaborating with Epic & Fortnite to open up a merchandise shop.

He went further to state that actual partnerships with any project in the cryptocurrency sector has not been discussed or initiated.

He did state that Epic and Fortnite were interested in these new advancements and the different technologies that were associated with it.  Tim Sweeney went further to talk about the different rumors that were present in the marketplace of potential and immediate collaborations between the gaming company and the cryptocurrencies.

Sweeney laid them to rest. He noted that cryptocurrencies were quite volatile and that the Epic and Fortnite teams may have discussions with different people within the cryptocurrency industry to stay up to date on the different developments within the space but they have not formalized anything as of yet.

But was it really accidental?

Different members of the cryptocurrency community are not happy with the response by Tim Sweeney. Different Twitter users and members of other social media platforms have expressed their lack of belief in the possibility of an “accidental addition of a payment option”.

One doesn’t accidentally add a payment option such as Monero to a store, it must be thought out and deliberate, it will take a few steps and conscious effort to add a payment option, especially a cryptocurrency one to a store.

Did something go wrong with Monero addition? It seems that there was some internal politics that played a role in the removal of the payment option. The payment option and Monero integration may have been approved in the first place and then taken away due to potential conflict or issues in capturing value and retaining the value of the coin.

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