Marriott failed to protect your Data – can Blockchain help?

The Marriott was the latest business to be affected by a data breach. That’s right. Yet another data breach has occurred to a large business. The company initially stated that it thought that more 500 million customers were affected by the malicious incident but it later revised that number.

Now they say that only about 350 million customers were affected.

Crazy right?

Apparently, the breach took place over the course of four years, from 2014 to 2018. The hotel chain just discovered that the incident was taking place fairly recently. The company revealed the information to the public in late 2018, and as such, we are not aware of how long they were sitting and deliberating on how and when to tell the public.

This is definitely a situation where one would be pleased that the breach was caught early on.

Better late, than never, right?

Yet, even more, startling news, the company failed to encrypt more than 5 million of its customers’ data. That means that more than 5 million of their customers were simply sitting ducks or fish in a barrel, ready to be picked off by a user with malicious intent.

This is just the latest of many data hacks that have occurred over the course of the past couple of years. We’ve witnessed attacks on Sony, Equifax, and a slew of other companies who were left vulnerable to attacks.

The value of the Blockchain

This is certainly one of the areas where the blockchain can play a key role in protecting the identity and the data of the user. Through the utilization of the security, the disintermediation, and the other important aspects of the blockchain, user data and user identity can be protected.

This means that there will be less opportunities for hackers to find vulnerabilities in a centralized system and glean the valuable data, potentially putting people in danger.

Corporations such as Marriott have to start working with decentralized projects and companies to secure and protect the data of their users through advancements that blockchains provide.

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